Are you a tech professional?

Who hates public speaking?

Let’s change that. Today.

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► Have you wanted to start speaking confidently,
but weren’t sure the first step to take? 

► Have you put together presentations and data stories,
but don’t feel great about them? 

► Are you overwhelmed with all the advice out there, watching tons of Youtube,
and unsure what to actually do? 

Do You Worry That You Have:

❌ No Storytelling❌ Overstuffed Slides
❌ Monotone Voice❌ Rambling Sentences
Too Much Jargon❌ Static Body Language
Speaking Anxiety❌ No Repeatable Methods
Unclear Structure❌ Ineffective Visualizations

I can help you overcome those obstacles and get you faster to your goals 

★ Speaking confidently opens up limitless opportunities

★ Empowers you and earns you respect in the workplace 

★ Gets you your next promotion by demonstrating leadership skills


Hi! I’m Chris.

Unlike most coaches, I’m not an actor. I’m not an extrovert. I’m just like you.
I’m a coder, programmer, analyst, techie that much rather prefers crunching numbers than standing on a stage. But there’s one thing that’s always set me apart from my peers. 
My ability to give a damn good presentation. 
Let me tell you the secret. You can learn communication just like any other technical skill – with study, practice, and a little guidance.
That’s where I come in. I teach tech professionals how to bring out their hidden speaker.

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Here’s How I Can Help:

Online Course

16 on-demand lessons to build a foundation in presentation
Personalized feedback in a supportive community
2X monthly live events to practice skills together

1:1 Coaching

Personalized sessions to help you achieve your speaking goals
One-off or multi-month: whatever duration you need
I train you to become a confident presenter

Team Workshops

Half/full-day and custom training programs for your team
Design better dashboards and presentations
Deliver presentations to the business with confidence

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