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Who hates public speaking?

Let’s change that. Today.

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You’re really good at the technical part of your job.

You know you’re one of the best in your field.

But SOMETHING holds your career back…

► You want to speak confidently,
but aren’t sure the first step to take 

► You put presentations and stories together,
but don’t feel great about them 

► You feel overwhelmed watching tons of Youtube,
and don’t know how to actually improve

You Worry that You Have:

❌ No Storytelling❌ Overstuffed Slides
❌ Monotone Voice❌ Rambling Sentences
Too Much Jargon❌ Static Body Language
Speaking Anxiety❌ No Repeatable Methods
Unclear Structure❌ Ineffective Visualizations

I can help you overcome those obstacles and get you faster to your goals 

★ Let you speak confidently and stop hiding your talent

★ Empower you to earn respect from your boss and colleagues

★ Get you your next promotion by demonstrating authentic leadership

Enter AA

Learn Communication Skills Just Like Your Technical Skills: With Logic and Frameworks

Most communication and public speaking programs teach you general tips that sound great in theory, but lack the precision and structure we crave as analysts, engineers, and developers

In the Articulate Advantage Program, I make sure you have the procedural rigor to speak confidently in any speaking situation by understanding the inputs, outputs, and transformation required in between

The missing link is this…

Just like you move new tech products from Development to Staging to Production, you need to move your communication through the same process

Communication isn’t something you’re “born with”

Communication is something you too can learn through process, practice, and persistence

That’s my story:


Hi! I’m Chris.

Unlike most coaches, I’m not an actor. I’m not an extrovert. I’m just like you.
I’m a coder, programmer, analyst, techie that much rather prefers crunching numbers than standing on a stage. But there’s one thing that’s always set me apart from my peers. 
Communication skills.
My managers gave me consistent feedback that it was my ability to speak clearly, concisely, confidently, and convincingly to the business that set me apart as a professional.
Now I want to share my secrets.
I launched my Articulate Advantage Program to offer specialized communication training for tech and data professionals like you, to equip you with the tools and confidence you need to secure the promotional opportunities they deserve and bring out your hidden speaker.

Why do I believe so passionately about this? Because I’ve seen firsthand how much ineffective communication costs

Conservatively assuming a tech manager making $100,000 a year, the gateway to getting your next promotion is not your technical skills, but communication skills. 

Imagine earning 10-20% more in a higher role

Taking the conservative 10%, that means you’re losing out on $10,000 a year (or more) by staying where you are

By working on communication skills you can not only earn more, but gain more respect from others and confidence in yourself.

I’ve helped clients stop leaving money on the table like Disha, who got a promotion after going through my program:

And here are a few more select testimonials:

Anthony L. (Data Scientist)

I followed Chris’ courses on communication for data professional. Here is why you should embark on this journey if you are like I was: unsure on how to convey insights.
Despite being a former teacher in sciences at college level, speaking publivly was not a real problem to me. However, convincing stakeholders to take action was way harder than I anticipated. I kept talking fast to impress, I could not catch the bigger picture and did not really know how to organize my thoughts.
After a couple of weeks into Chris’ classes, his tips and tricks put me back on tracks. His video are short and efficient : straight to the point could be his motto. The one-pager of most important points are always close to me. Another thing that stroke me is how he applies his tips in his class. That makes everything really consistent, and is the first example of hiw I should do.
Now I am sure of my strength. I feel more impact when I speak during meetings : people look more convinced about what I recommend. I even got to start mentoring one person at work.
Long story short, I fully recommend Chris’ class if you want to improve in data communication. His kindness makes you feel at home from the start, his teaching ability is off the charts and his knowledge is invaluable. Stop thinking and take the step!

This is what you learn:

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