We all have a hidden speaker inside of us. It’s my job to help you discover yours.

I’m a techie-turned leadership communication coach. I previously worked for Fortune 500 tech companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Humana, and Fannie Mae in the specialties of data journalism, data science, data visualization, and business intelligence. Each time, I saw extremely talented colleagues struggle to get the opportunities they deserved because they couldn’t present, tell a story, and speak with confidence.

I realized it was my calling to bridge that gap. 

Now I work as Founder & CEO of The Hidden Speaker, a training consultancy that puts tech professionals on the path to confident communication. In a poetic full circle, I’ve returned to Fortune 500 companies to train their technical teams with highly specialized communication workshops, as well as taught for companies and universities around the world.

As a speaker, coach, and trainer, my work has helped thousands demonstrate leadership through communication, and I am passionate about convincing every introverted, techie out there that they, too, can bring out their hidden speaker. 

Christopher Chin

Founder & CEO, The Hidden Speaker

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  • Speaking Up: Guiding Your Employees to Confident Authenticity
  • Data Storytelling: Stop Showing All the Data – Start Telling me Stories
  • Technical Presentations: Why so Many Flop and How to Do Better
  • Business Storytelling: The Scientific Way to Get People to Listen
  • AI: Use AI to Make Presentations in Seconds, Not Days
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