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Chapter 1: Developing Your Mind

🧠 3 Steps to be Prepared for any Presentation
🧠 2 Ways to Give an Effective Introduction
🧠 2 Steps to Give an Effective Conclusion

Chapter 2: Staging Your Voice

🗣️ 4 Techniques to Stall When Thinking of an Answer
🗣️ 4 Steps to Answer Questions on the Spot
🗣️ 5 Ways Confident Speakers Use the Pause
🗣️ 3 Case Studies for Explaining Complex Ideas
🗣️ 2 Steps for Handling Disagreeable Stakeholders

Chapter 3: Producing Your Story

🔥 The 3 Step Formula for Data Storytelling
🔥 The 3 Step Formula for Effective Dashboard Presentation
🔥 The 3 Step Formula for Presenting to Executives

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