Communication, Presentation, and Storytelling Training

Teams Before Training:

❌ Difficulty communicating complex ideas to non-technical audiences

❌ Struggling to deliver concise, meaningful stories when presenting

❌ Convincing stakeholders to take action is harder than anticipated

❌ Challenging to get budget because value of work is not proven

Teams After Training:

✅ Confidence in the ability to tell stories and secure buy-in

✅ Improvement in presentation approach, keeping things simple

✅ Stakeholders praise the new clarity, making funding easier to secure

✅ Top performers feel valued, and more likely to stay with the company

Select Testimonials:

Erik B. (Vice President, Data & Analytics)

“I had the pleasure of connecting with Chris through LinkedIn and was immediately impressed by his expertise in data storytelling. He is an expert in effectively communicating complex data insights in a compelling and engaging way. Recognizing the challenges my team faced and other parts of the org in this area, we invited Chris to our company onsite to conduct a seminar. The two-hour session was an outstanding success, with participants showing great engagement and enthusiasm throughout. Chris’s passion for the subject shone through in his well-structured talk teaching. His ability to break down complex concepts around data story telling but also providing hands-on, practical tips left a lasting impact on the team. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with Chris on another occasion, and I am confident that we will invite him back in the future, as many members of my team have expressed a keen interest in learning more from this talented and knowledgeable speaker

Touleng Y. (Vice President, BI)

My team was having trouble effectively communicating and presenting complex data to non-technical audiences. After having an opportunity to connect and view a presentation that Chris conducted at a conference, I realized that he was the perfect person to bring in and teach those same techniques to my team.
Chris was extremely professional and offered up a training course on best practices for data visualization and presentations. These types of presentations have been tough to find and I am thankful for the content that Chris offered during the workshop. If you are having the same troubles on your team, don’t hesitate to bring Chris onboard to teach your team.

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