Communication and Storytelling Training For Data Teams

Before Training:

❌ Few Data Products are Used

❌ Few Presentations Gain Buy-In

❌ Few Analyses Drive Action

After Training:

✅ Data Products that Drive Decisions

✅ Insights that Have Impact

✅ Teams that Present with Confidence

My Training Options:

Select Testimonials:

Alan W. (Steering Committee Member)

“What stood out the most was Christopher’s dedication to ensuring every participant grasped the concepts. The QA sessions after each section allowed for interactive learning and addressed individual concerns. This personalized touch added immense value to the training, leaving everyone feeling empowered and confident.
Christopher’s training was well-received by the UHG Chinese community, and I can attest that it has had a significant impact on my own presentation skills. If you’re seeking to enhance your communication abilities, especially in the tech industry, I wholeheartedly recommend Christopher Chin as a top-notch communication coach. His expertise and passion for teaching will undoubtedly help you excel in any professional setting.”

John H. (Data and Analytics Leader)

“I had the pleasure of inviting Christopher to MinneAnalytics Data Tech in June of 2023. He was able to make a lasting impression with his two presentations. 
The first was a workshop to help other speakers at the event give better talks, something that is notoriously hard for data and analytics folks. I attended this talk with nearly 40% of our other speakers to learn how to better structure a talk and keep the audience engaged. As a seasoned public speaker, even I found that I had several points to take away and immediately put to use in my future talks.
The second presentation was to the general audience of the conference to help them become better data storytellers. This talk was both highly anticipated (we had it in our biggest room) as well as well attended. MinneAnalytics surveys attendees after the conference and Christopher’s talk was mentioned several times as a crowd favorite.
I’d highly recommend Christopher to level up your speaking and presentation game whether with a small or large audience. He clearly tailors his content to deliver exactly what they need!”

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